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Thoughts to keep from doing what I should do

Sewing is more fun with a buddy

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Vertically challenged. Born for the SCA. Love Glitz. No intention of playing a well off Peasant when that's what I am in real life. Remember the Moon Landings individually and clearly. Believe that we gotta get out of this place and our destiny is in Space. Determined to live as long as I love life, and love life as long as I live. Be like my mother who lived through WWI, the Depression, 4 years of Pharmacy school 1930-1934, and 3 kids. Grit and determination combined with a loving heart and stood up for what she believed in. Respected people. Believed it was none of her business what consenting adults did behind closed doors as long as it did not involve children and so do I.
costume, elizabeth i, english costume, harry potter, henry viii, katheryn of aragon, medieval "stuff", non counted thread embroidery, pre-16th century european history, sca, tudor era, tudor people